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Since 2020, Auburndale Auto Detail has provided quality services to clients by providing them with the
care they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about our Car Detailing Service.

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Why not go to a car wash? Why should I pay more to have it done by a detailer?

If you want a quick and cheap cleaning for the outside of your vehicle, you go to a carwash. It will yield decent results. If you are looking for a thorough and safer way to achieve excellent results, this is the place. Car washes are a quantity over quality business. Auburndale Auto Detail is the exact opposite, focusing on quality OVER quantity. Tedious steps are taken to always ensure that we are never damaging surfaces or using damaging products. Machines cannot do this. Car washes can leave lots of scratches and swirls with aggressive scrubbing from machinery, leaving the customer with a choice to leave it or pay lots of money for paint correction. Finally, car washes do not clean the inside of your vehicle for you. Consider which is right for you.

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